08 June 2010

What are we paying for?

When we pay a ladyboy for sex why do we do it? The answer normally is -  The sex is better as ladyboys are more into it - more enthusiastic etc.
But I think we're paying for better sex initially.
In my humble opinion, the problem starts because we've had a good experience from a particular ladyboy and would like to repeat it. We try others and use the first good experience as a yardstick and find it's not as good and what do we do? We go back to the first ladyboy again and again and again.
And before we realise it, a friendship blossoms. And that's when the problem starts - we begin to believe the ladyboy really likes us and we accept whatever she says as gospel (in spite of reading in forums that we're stupid and in spite of the listening to the lies). Then starts the whole rigmarole of sending money and buying gifts etc and we end up paying for a relationship.
But then at some point the bubble bursts and we realise we've been duped and in a very painful way, both emotionally and financially, we end up paying for expensive sex. Helluva expensive sex.

I must however say that in defence of some ladyboys that they're not all like that and they do it because of the influence of some of their friends and because of hardship. 
Would anybody disagree?


euskara said...

u re completly right...
i really, really understand wat uv wrote.....

LadyTSFrancine said...

I as a Ladyboy agree with what you said here...!!

Yea, most of the ladyboys now are so called Rented Relationship.

But, of course, I am depending myself with this.

As I am not one of them...??

What you are paying on me is My Time and Services...!!

And Having a relationship with Me is Valuable but don't have a Price...!!

vicky rightman said...

Pussy better than ass ,But the ass s passion more than pussy.