16 July 2010

Ladyboy Witchcraft 2

I just had to post this - just after I posted the last article I had fresh information!
Another method of witchcraft is for a lady or ladyboy for that matter, to use her soiled panties.
The idea is, the panties are used as an ingredient in a meal. So along with the meat and veg or whatever, the soiled panties go in and get cooked! The unsuspecting guy has a hearty meal and usually enjoys it. It's said to work wonders and the man becomes very loyal to his mate. The saying of getting a man's heart is through his stomach takes on a new meaning!
A variation of that was used in bars where the beer is sold on tap. Here the co-operation of the bartender is needed and the soiled panties are used as a sort of filter through which the fresh beer flows. Beer gets served to the unsuspecting customer and viola! Instant love!
Of course, the medicine man has to do his thing with the panties first or else he's out of a job!
So there you go lads, hope you enjoy your meals and cheers! LOL.
(Although I'm reliably told this has happened, in reality it's rare. So don't panic guys!)

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