03 July 2010

Ladyboy witchcraft?

I had a chat with my a buddy the other day and he brought up the issue of ladyboys and witchcraft
He told me he was quite taken by a ladyboy and wondered whether she had put a spell on him! In a flash, I said he was probably more taken by her body than anything supernatural. 
However I must admit, you cannot rule it out.
Generally in South East Asia, it had been known to be practised up until the present day although in the last decade it seems to have lost it’s popularity.
In the 70s and 80s it was very common to hear of people going to their favourite “witch doctor” or “bomoh” in the Malay language, for help in their jobs, sickness and of course, their love life.
In the case of Malaysia and Singapore, for example, the “clinic” would normally be on a mat on the floor and the “patient”” would witness the “doctor” chanting over a basin of water and telling the person his or her fortune. He would then prescribe the “medicine” which could be in the form of an oil which had to be applied and a few words usually, in a sort of verse, chanted.
In return the “doctor” would be paid about US$10 and sometimes given things in kind like uncooked rice or sugar. The witch doctors were very popular then amongst the bar girls who used these charms to lure customers and it would seem that the spells worked judging by the success that some had.
Similar variations exist in Thailand and Cambodia. Sometimes pendants were used or even witching powder which was discreetly put into a customer’s glass.
However in this day and age where they, Thais especially , seem more reverent, it’s less likely that they would use such things as I understand it clashes with their conventional prayers.
But there again in any religion you do get deviants.
Any witchcraft experiences anybody?

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ts dating said...

It always baffles me when TS tell me about ghosts. I've heard it numerous times in Thailand and to a lesser extent in the Philippines too. Crazy lol.