25 July 2010

Orchard Towers - Better than a Novel

Tired of reading novels? Fancy some real true life stories? Take a trip to either ladyboy bar in Singapore's Orchard Towers, Club Romeo or Crazy Horse.
All you have to do is buy a couple of beers, sit down comfortably and let it all unfold. As one fan of the place observed, "There are many facets of humanity in there to observe - the hierarchy, the alliances, the sometimes false fronts of friendliness, and other times genuine sweetness that comes through from these girls."
The hierarchy he refers to are the elder sisters. They are the ones to keep the newbies in line. They get to sit in front if they take a cab, they are the ones the others will "wai" respectfully to. The alliances are the cliques, normally groups of four who would sleep, travel and spend time together.
The false fronts we all know, mutterings of "I miss you", "X days no customer", and the most dangerous "I love you". Saying you're their boyfriend, when they already have one or maybe two stashed away. Ahhh! The ingenuity of the ladyboys! (mind you, this isn't exclusive to Orchard Towers ladyboys only)
The genuine sweetness I've experienced is when they give you a gift, humble as it may be. I will never forget the four oranges I got for Chinese New Year, for example.
So, if you're feeling bored, take a trip down, especially to Club Romeo and be prepared to spend quite a bit. It's usually worth the while.
Cheers all and thanks to capcrunch for his quote.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quote! Definitely my honour :)

- capcrunch