05 August 2010

Ladyboys at Orchard Towers - for the newbie

The ladyboys at Orchard Towers are a different bunch from the rest that you come across in Singapore. For a start they're all Thai and their main target is the customer who'll pay them S$200 and more for a short time (2 hr) bonk. Of course, if you walk in to Club Romeo (above, on the third floor) for example, they will ask you to buy them a drink (S$22). In turn they will keep you company and try and persuade you to take them to a hotel for you know what. (Short term hotels are from S$20 to S$30 for 2 hours).
The main question usually is, is it worth it? Well, relative to the beauty of the ladyboys in Singapore and the time they spend on you - it's the going price.Granted, early in the week, if business is slow, some may accept say S$150.
They're not young as you would get in Phuket or Bangkok these are in their late twenties and even early thirties but most don't look their age and most are very attractive. So you're dealing with ladyboys who are streetwise and are no fools. Nevertheless, to avoid a misunderstanding always state your intentions. If you're there for a drink say so. Buy them a drink and/or slip them a small tip S10/S$20 and most would be grateful. The next time you come you'll be remembered.

If you're bringing them for a bonk, state your preferences, pre-op (before the operation, still with a dick) or post-op, (after the operation with a pussy). Are you the top (you bonk the ladyboy) or the bottom (the ladyboy bonks you)? Lastly agree on the price before you set out. Don't try and be a smart ass and say things like, "I know the price is $200 so why ask?". You asking for trouble. As I said, these people are street smart, some may turn around and say "My usual is S$300, $200 I don't take".
So essentially that's it. Next time maybe I'll talk about the next step when you get more familiar with them.
Cheers all.

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