09 August 2010

Ladyboys at Orchard Towers Part 2

So...I've mentioned previously that the ladyboys in Orchard Towers are street smart. They've been around loads of customers and can gauge pretty quickly what the customer wants. And like any true blue sales person they have an answer ready for almost any question. It's difficult to catch them because they are almost what psychologists call, in a state of "survival mode". And since they've had lots of practice day in and day out over many years, the answers come very smoothly and automatically.
One ladyboy told me that if you're asked a question it has to come instantly - one question one answer.
So how does one handle this? Well, there's a few things that they won't lie about - things that can be found out instantly. For example, if you ask a ladyboy of your choice, are you pre-op or post-op? What is the price? 
But, you don't want to ask one ladyboy for another's details - you won't get a straight answer especially if that's not a close friend. It comes back to this close clique thing.
Anyway, don't be overly concerned. These people are for short time fun. Outside of the bullshit they will not rob you or harm you. They have at least that much of a reputation to upkeep and since they work out of either bar and depend very much on that for their income you can rest easy.

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