11 August 2010

Ladyboys at Orchard Towers Part 3

The Sex
Yes, the main thing! I thought this would be the next question on most newbie's minds. Is the sex provided by these lovely ladies in Orchard Towers worth it?
I think the best way to answer this is an analogy about food. You know what a five star restaurant is like. Nice ambience, comfortable chairs, polite staff and the food...well...sometimes fantastic but sometimes not so great. But then you sort of forgive that because the total experience was a pleasant one.
And then you compare it with food from a famous food stall. Hot, sweaty conditions, you're lucky to get a stool, you have to line up for your food but the food tastes good and it's cheap.
Orchard Towers is something like that five star restaurant. The more pleasant room, more relaxed atmosphere and the "food" is well...usually good. So in essence you're paying three to four times more for a more pleasant total experience than the opposite end like Rowell Road.
In the meantime, hope you like the pic of the five star restaurant. Gotcha for a second didn't I? LOL.

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Anonymous said...

is that lawrie's at paragon? I vaguely remember the interior to be something like that :)

Anyway, I'd say that I've never been disappointed by OT experiences... they are generally of pretty high standard. I guess since you pay so much, they've gotta be pretty good! Whereas online ones have sometimes been hit and miss.. at least at OT, you can see EXACTLY what you're getting.

Sometimes online ones can be real lotteries!

- capcrunch