22 August 2010


and0209_7995So we've all heard the terms ladyboy and femboy but now a new word seems to be cropping up in ladyboy forums - the pantyboy. So it seems, it is used in North East Scotland to refer to a cross dressing male.
Anyway, to avoid a confusion, I pinched this hilarious quote from a board member of the ladyboy forums. As usual subjects like this are usually brought up and discussed in some detail.
Ladyboy - a girl who happens to have a cock but does not want it and would not be seen in men's clothes.
Femboy - has a cock but is confused what to do with it and sometimes wears women's clothing.
Pantyboy - has a cock knows what to do with it but likes to wear women's clothing.
Hope you enjoyed that little nugget of wisdom. Incidentally if you want to see more of the pic on top click here. Cheers all.

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