30 September 2010

Ladyboy Bar Talk

Here's a list of some interesting words most of us that frequent the bars might have heard. They're hilarious but I've lost count of the number of times I've heard them over the years. (I lifted this from the lb-69 forum btw, do beg pardon from the original poster). They were heard mainly in Thailand but you do hear some of it in other South East Asian countries as well:

Hello sexy man. = Hello stupid farang.

Hello. Come here. = Hello. Come here Sucker.

You very handsome, sexy man. = You look like you have a lot of money.

Where you come from? = What currency do I need to check the exchange rate?

You first time here? = Just how gullible are you?

I no have farang, farang no like me. = I have many farang. Going for your sympathy vote works every time.

How long you stay in Thailand? = How long have I got to bleed you dry.

Which hotel you stay? = Where will I be sleeping tonight?

I no like Thai man = I give my Thai boyfriend money which I got from you.

I love you. = I love your money.

You have good heart. = You have a BIG wallet.

You good man for me. = You are spending a lot of money. You are good for my bank account.

I miss you. = I miss your money.

I no want money. Only want you. = I want all your money.

I no Butterfly. = I sleep with my BF and any farang who pays money for me fine.

I go with him before but no sex. = I truly am a liar.

I need 4,000 baht to give my mama for... = I need new shoes/handbag/cosmetics.

I never cheat = When you look, I never cheat.When you don't look, I cheat.

Although true, this is all in good fun, , not all ladyboys are like that to that extent. Pay attention to what they do rather than what they say .


Anonymous said...

Bro, good one! Great for a laugh! How many (hundreds of) times have we all heard this! Actually, this is true not just of the ladyboys but also the female sex workers. They must all think that we johns are all fools and idiots. It is just as well we have a sense of humour and laugh at their pathetic attempts to inject artifical sincerity into what is a tenuous pay-for-sex liason.

γΎγ•γŠγ‹ said...


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