21 September 2010

My 2 cents of advice - Part 2

Right, the second part, again to the newbie. No matter which country you're aiming for a bonk in, it's always wise to do some homework. It will save you time, money and maybe even make you a few friends.
I'm talking about checking ladyboy forums. In most parts of the world, there are always people who've been through the same situation as you have.
Use a search engine, like Google. Take the trouble to go through the many lists and see what the other guys have to say. Mind you, there are a lot of "keyboard experts" out there so you've got to look out for people who have a reputation for posting accurate reports. Don't take everything as gospel.
Some people who post sometimes have an axe to grind with some ladyboy or they want to make themselves sound more macho and they may not be truthful.

The key advice is, take it all with a pinch of salt.
And don't forget, if you join a forum, don't just ask any old question. It may be new to you but it could have been asked hundreds of times before. So read before you ask or you'll just make the experienced board members upset and they won't answer your question and may even ban you.
Second bit is, check the venue's location out. Don't just go to that particular spot. Sometimes you may find ladyboys who don't work in a particular bar or area but hang around the vicinity. I've lost track of the number of times I've found ladyboys "on the line" hanging around popular spots.
Cheers all.

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