19 September 2010

My 2 cents of advice

Part 1 - For the newbie
So you've read the forums, maybe heard like minded friends discussing the topic and now...you want to find out more about ladyboys.
First let me say that if you think of them as men dressed up as girls, then you may as well give up and stick to normal chicks.
Ladyboys are a third gender; in fact closer to females than males. They dress and look like girls (some are even prettier) and the main thing is, they think like girls. So bascially, you haven't just got a female trapped in a male body - you have a female trapped in a body which is almost female. And usually, the little masculinity they possess is their willingings for sex. (and er...sometimes a small dick)
So get it out of your head that these are men - they're not. They're are as close to females as you can get.
Treat them as girls and you'll get the most pleasure out of them. And no, you're not gay. Guys that are into ladyboys see them as girls.
So if you want to bonk them, do it exactly as you would with a girl. Of course, you've got to bang the ass instead (if they haven't gone for the operation).
Which brings me to another point, if you can't stand the thought of seeing their dick then ask if the√Ĺ're pre-op (with a dick) or post-op (after the operation).
Cheers and leave any comments below, please.
If you need any proof of how beautiful a ladyboy can look watch the video below:

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