24 September 2010

My 2 cents worth of advice - Part 3

The last bit for the newbies.
Okay so now you've looked at the forums and have come across a particular ladyboy. You look out for her but she's not around or you've contacted her and she quotes a high price/ comes across as too cocky. For goodness sake, if that happens, forget her . Unless she is the only ladyboy in town, check the others out.
So many times I've come across guys that behave like she is the one and only ladyboy. Usually and especially in South East Asia there will be at least ten others to choose from.
Don't give them the impression that you're dead set for them - that's when they'll take the upper hand, just play it cool and ask a few questions - your preferences and the price. (But don't be a jerk and ask 20 questions and in the end don't take her.) If it suits you, fine. If not try another.
Don't forget, the money's yours, you're the customer. You're in charge but do be fair, they're still human after all.

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Anonymous said...

Some LBs quote prices out of this world as they are more interested into farangs. I drop the phone immediately, when sense a tinge of raicsism.