18 October 2010

Are ladyboys gay?

This question has surely been asked dozens of times and in spite of that - it seldom gets answered correctly.
Why? In the first place most people think that since ladyboys are technically still men, especially those who still have their male organs (pre-op), and they like men - therefore they're gay.
Strangely enough this view was even echoed by a Thai male who needed some gay people for a photo shoot or something and said he would get some ladyboys! This shows how misunderstood this is even in a country where there are literally tens of thousands of ladyboys in the population.
Nothing could be further from the truth. In appearances, behaviour and oh gosh they even drive like women! (I know, I was driven around by one in KL once.) It's all 100% woman and even down to their thinking.
So, them liking men makes it a heterosexual relationship! Simple and straightforward!
Questions anyone? I know there's bound to be some.

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Anonymous said...

My two cents worth:

I reckon the key to the answer lies in the familiar explanation that we are often offered: I am a woman locked in a man's body.

By all intents and purposes, they are emotionally and psychologically female. But physically, they are male.

That is why many of them make the irrevocable decision to have a sex change, so that they can be completely "female".

If they become female, and then have male lovers, they can hardly be considered gay.

For those who for one reason or another do not go through a sex change, they should still be considered female.

The complication arises because without the sex operation, society would consider them to be male. But essentially, they are "females with an added bonus".

Again, in understanding the term correctly, they too are not gay.

Similarly, heterosexual males who have sex with pre-op shemales are not gay, as strictly speaking, they have sex with a female, albeit with an added bonus.

You agree?