10 October 2010

Contacting ladyboys - SMS and facebook

Contacting ladyboys can be a tricky business. Firstly, they don't work normal office hours so it means that when we're all relaxing after a hard day's work (or pretending to) they're usually hard at work trying to earn bucks.
If they're working out of a bar, chances are, they probably can't hear their own phones with all the heavy techno music going at full blast. (Actually I'm surprised most are not deaf). However, some have managed.
So the time to get them would be before work, which, depending which country they are in, usually means the afternoon. (i.e. South East Asian time).

An SMS would be the most efficent since calling sometimes means you catch them in the middle of a meal or doing whatever they do, which would need a separate post just to explain. And also since English isn't their first language normally, they could get translation done and hopefully give a response you wanted.

Of course, there is also facebook, which is becoming very popular among Thai ladyboys.
But how do you get these ladyboy's names in the first place? Well, as long as you start with one name, she is bound to have at least fifty ladyboy friends (I know one who has five hundred) and you let it roll from there. Of course, we're assuming here that they will be your friend so make yourself sound good on your info page and at least get some kind of picture to your profile. Otherewise, forget it, you're not going to go very far.

What if the ladyboy doesn't respond? (If she's your friend) Simple, personally I wait 3 days for an answer for a facebook message - if you see her replying to her other friends and not to you, go to your profile page and list your friends then just delete her! If she thinks you're not important and others are, don't waste your time. There are hundreds, I repeat, hundreds, out there!
If it's an SMS, a fair time to me would be 12 hours - too short? I don't think so. You're telling me ladyboys in business would not check their phone at least once within that time? My gosh, half the time it's either stuck to their ear or they're busy typing away.
Hope that's been helpful. Any comments? Guys or even ladyboys please ask.

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