27 October 2010

For Ladyboys - How to make more money

This is one for the ladyboys. Why? Because I've seen so many times that ladyboys could earn a good steady income and they just throw it away. So here are some tips from a customer's point of view:
  1. Dress up sexily - for goodness sake don't you guys ever watch porn movies? Look at how they dress up - high heels, stockings, sexy dresses. Look at how some lbs especially at the lower end dress up. Rubber slippers! Half hearted dresses. OMG that's for going to market! No matter how well you do your hair and make-up etc why spoilt it with slippers that my mother would wear!
  2. Don't try and rip off people. Whatever your price is , stick to it. Why? Becuase nowadays with the internet forums, facebook, e-mail etc. Information goes fast. Cheat a customer today and most of the customers out there will know about it tomorrow. If you want extra, be nice to the guy, tell him business is slow if you give him more time can he top up a bit? You never know, some guys won't mind.
  3. Don't rush the customer. That's one sure way he won't come to you again. Yes, yes, I know, some people take forever. So tell the guy nicely, sorry but you know I need to cover my costs, just sorry or some bullshit. Just make the guy feel a bit happy.
  4. Don't be lazy! Answer your e-mail and sms messages. In nornal business, customers are used to checking their mail three, four times a day to answer their businees clients. When you don't answer or take your time it tells the customer you don't want his business. He'll just take somebody else. Ya a lot of guys talk rubbish, but does it cost you big money to answer? Who loses?
  5. Read the forums - if you don't know - ask! No PC/laptop? Go to an internet cafe! See what customers are saying. You can also see new trends, where there is new competition. Stay informed, it's big business, you can't stay young forever. Make your money while you can.
  6. Be humble - Don't think that you're beautiful forever. Your own friends will hate you. Be respectful to your older sisters - they can give you advice and help you can't find in any book.
  7. Don't look down on poor customers - people aren't rich or poor forever, the guy that couldn't afford you today could be your best and maybe only customer tomorrow!
That's it girls, there's more, but I'll do it another time! Comments anyone?


Itzchy said...

Bro, like your blog. Just came across it today from SBF.

Kudos to you for working on this. I feel a lot less awkward with myself on having a LB interest after going through all your posts. Many thanks bro, you rock!

Anonymous said...

Good one, bro!

One more very important tip: Don't think that the white guy is god.

Asians can afford to pay you more and also treat you better.