21 October 2010

Ladyboys scare me - but...

Yes they do. Sometimes I have some long conversations with a mix of Thai and Malaysian ladyboys. Since I know then reasonably well, I hear and see some things that usual punters/mongers wouldn't hear.
Here are some examples:
I see a group of ladyboys having some booze before starting work. So, innocently, I ask why. (I would have thought after work to relax) Mind you, these are people that don't normally drink. The answer - to get courage! Courage?
Then it hits me! If you asked me to bonk an overweight lady in her 60s and keep her company for about 2 hours, but you paid me a good sum (US$500 and above) - I'd do it! But - my first trip would be to the nearest 7-11 and not just for condoms but for a half bottle of whiskey for me to get pissed enough so I wouldn't realise what I was doing but not that much that I couldn't perform!
That explains some ladyboys telling me that they hate what they're doing and would rather take a lower paying job - if they could find one!
Another thing I couldn't understand was - you send a message saying such and such but you get a reply saying something totally different. The disturbing thing is, they understand the language! I realised later that they were so exhausted from the previous night's work that they only had an hour or two of sleep and before they realise it they have to get themselves ready for another night of work. A lot of the ladyboys work seven days a week in South East Asia.

Instances like this are not that common but I think it's one of those times you could almost cry with them. Sad, really sad when you think about it.

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Anonymous said...

Getting a stiff drink before work is par for the course for the sellers in the sex trade. The same is true not just for the ladyboys, but also for the females and the male escorts.

The fear of rejection. Bad breath. Body odour. Unacceptable behaviour and ill treatment. Reasons abound. And we sympathise with them all.

Sure it is sad. So the positive thing to do then is not to treat them like dirt, not to gawk at them and make unflaterring and hurftul remarks, but to treat them with kindness and compassion and understanding.

The best thing is that it is invariably reciprocated. Which enrich our experiences with them.

Keep up the good work bro.