09 November 2010

Extreme Ladyboys

I've been hanging around ladyboys for around 20 odd years. I know ladyboys from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and of course the Philippines. Nothing to brag about - there are a number of people like me.
Anyway, after such a long time you begin to realise that they can be extreme - sometimes extremely friendly, nice, sweet and hilarious. Really great fun to be with.
But on the other hand, and I'm talking about ladyboys that I know, they can be downright rude and sometimes ignoring you as though you were a stranger. And these are people whom you've extended the hand of friendship and whom you would not have hesitated to lend a helping hand if asked. It's a strange thing with them and something I have not experienced with straight males or females.
Perhaps it's becuase of their hormone and alcohol intake - affects the brain cells maybe? Or maybe it's their mental health - stressed out becuase of money problems?
But pity and empathy have thier limits, so at some point with the rude ones, I just ignore them totally. They're not worth wasting time over.
With the cheerful ones, I'll happily buy them drinks or help them in whatever way I can.
Hope this was useful,especially to the newbies to this game. Cheers all.

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