18 November 2010

Francine from the Philippines

This is 26 year old Francine Gurchik, from Makati, the Philipines. This slim, slender ladyboy just took part in a contest featuring some two dozen ladyboys and came out in third place.
Judging by her outfit, I dare say that's what caught the judge's eye.
The contest was called Miss Gay Octoberfest 2010. Yes a bit strange for some of us, to hear a ladyboy being called gay but in the Philippines it's the usual thing and a number of ladyboys there describe themselves as "gay". Never mind the semantics, most of us know them well enough.
So back to Francine, she desribes herself as "The World's Divine Shemale Mistress, Real Asian BDSM Guru, Philippines Best Dominatrix,Lifestyle Dominant and Professional Dominatrix".
For more of her pictures and contact, if you happen to be going to the Philippines, her personal website: http://www.wildfrancine.com/
and if you want see her live -
videochat link: http://imlive.com/vippath.asp?hnumber=636574
Cheers all!

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LadyTSFrancine said...

Thanks my Dick for this posting about Me.,!

That's so nice of you.,!