27 November 2010

Good Service - What is it?

So often, we hear from a ladyboy "You go with me, I give you good service"
But what is good service really?
Well, first, I will tell you what it isn't...
You go into the room, both of you have a shower. Afer a bit of kissing and petting, you lie on the bed and she starts giving you a blow job. And then after like a couple of minutes,comes the question "You want to f... me?" You reluctanly agree. She lubes herself and shoves your dicky in. So there you go banging away till you cum. She gives you a grin and before you know it she's washing up. You look at your watch and barely 15 or 20 minutes have passed! Oh well, you think, not too bad. - Dead Wrong! That's fine for the dark alleys of Rowell Road (Singapore's low end bonking joint), where you've paid between S$30 to S$40 but if you've paid the $150 to $200 range for the upper range types, you've just got conned!
Good service, in my opnion, goes something like this -
After the shower you both embrace, deep french kissing with the both of you exploring each other ever so slowly. Then you move towards the bed. She starts licking you from your toes, slowly with her active tongue working her way from your toes, legs and then your crotch, (maybe arse rimming too?),starts the BJ but then continues till you end up again with deep french kissing, her hands and yours caressing each other's bodies. And then she starts going lower again. Then you start the same thing on her whilst she moans with excitement. And finally, ever so naturally, you find yourself penetrating her while she squeels in joy with your thrusting...and finally you cum and lie exhausted but blissfully happy. The two of you lay in bed for a while then wash up. You then have a bit of chit and chat and she's giving you a nice rub down. You look at your watch - two hours have passed!
Of course, there's many variations of the act, but I think you get the idea - slow, no rush and everything comes naturally - the real deal! So if you ever get the rush job, no point complaining, tough luck.
Any experiences to share? Please pass a comment..
Cheers all.

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Mistress Francine said...

Good Service: It is given by anyone who are in business of entertainment.,! But for Me who is in BDSM and Fetish Fantasy Fulfillment satisfaction is what I'm looking for and always wanted for every session booked with Me.,!

I am a Mistress, so, It means I want you to be Satisfied and Fulfilled by means of Serving and Pleasing Me well.,!

And that will be a Good Service I think.,! The be a Servant of Mine.,!