27 December 2010

2011 - What might happen in Singapore

First, compliments of the season and a Happy New Year to all guys and ladyboys out there. Thanks for the support - you've been great this past year with your comments and assistance.
So...2011...almost all experts say the economy is going to be good. Well, so far, so good.
The good news for ladyboys is that there should be a steady and increasing number of customers - but they're now better informed and experienced. More guys have tried going to Thailand and Malaysia and much more locals are signing up to forums and blogs and exchanging information. The number of first timers are increasing and more guys are coming out in the open looking for our fairer friends. So overall good news on the local front.
But for the non Singaporean customers expect fewer Europeans as their currency weakens and their spending decreases leaving just the Aussies, Koreans, Japanese and some form neighbouring countries to be the main spenders here.
Japanese and Koreans are already the best customers in Bangkok's bars by the way.

For the guys, expect more ladyboys to come in as airfares remain stable and the Singapore dollar remains steady. At Orchard Towers, expect new faces as some of the established ones seek careers outside the P4P sphere or try their luck in new places. Geylang could make a resurgence as long as the local ladyboys establish some sort of consistancy in their timing. Don't be surprised to find Thai ladyboys making a re-apperance in small numbers here.
As for Rowell expect a few faces from Thailand (as usual) and more from Sarawak coming here. There are dozens of ladyboys in Kuching, the capital of Sarawak by the way and many want to make the trip via KL.
I'm no pro in Changi Village, but looking at the way things turned out this year, I would expect a few new faces coming on the scene.
The escort scene, I think, will remain a niche business and you could expect familair faces as well as a sprinkling of a few new ones.
The only major thing I sense may happen is that Orchard Towers may finally go the redevelopemnt way as rentals in Orchard Road for both retail, office and residental sectors are still robust.
Cheers all, hope you enjoyed my two cents worth of crystal ball gazing.


Gloves said...

Dear DR, have just discovered your site and am hugely impressed by the information and research contained within. Am planning a Singapore mission in May 2011, and as luck would have it, am staying at the Pan Pacific Orchard, just next door to OT! I have a couple of questions: (1) are the hotels generally ok about the ladies coming back to the rooms?; and (2) would it be a serious breach in ettiquette to hook up with someone in Club Romeo (or similar) but ask them to meet me back at the hotel room? Problem is, the hotel will be crawling with colleagues - could be awkward! I know there is always the vice sisters or TS dating websites, but I would much rather meet the girls in person first. Any thoughts?

Dick Rick said...

Dear Gloves
1)Yes mor often than not, it's not a problem. They take a pragmatic approach and would like to see their guests happy as long as no disturbance is caused.
2)No I don't foresee a problem as your hotel is just a short walk away and if you come across as being serious.
Lastly, yes you're right, there is nothing like seeing things first hand and also judging whether there is a "chemistry".

gloves said...

Thanks for the prompt reply - very useful. Will keep visiting your site over the coming months for any updates.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dick, how are you
I m a ladyboy myself and i am new here in Seoul, I would love to make more friends and mingle with the ladyboy community here. I have read over your blog and likes it a lot . You seem very well educated .
I will be please to hear more from you
Thank you