03 December 2010

Don't Get Even

Lately I've heard of a few cases of guys giving money and/or gifts to their special ladyboy and later discovering they were given a raw deal. I know the feeling. It makes you feel like an idiot; you thought you knew better, it always happened to the other guy. Your girl was special and so on.
The instant reaction is to get even; to teach her a lesson. You thought of telling the whole world what a crook she was - all the "I love you" and "I miss you so much" talk which meant nothing.
But it doesn't work that way - the theory here is that you bring on all that hatred to yourself. It's like - give hatred and receive hatred. What goes around comes around.
So the thing to do is, and I know not everybody will agree, is just quietly go your way. Stop calling or sending messages and give an excuse not to see her. No arguments, no conflict, no tempers lost. Just give silence. It's not easy - by nature most of us want to get our own back and instanly! But apparently it works!
This is a similar theory to what is preached in The Secret.
Let them guess all they want when they don't hear from you, it's a powerful  non violent response that will be ultimately good for you. Other ladyboys will come your way - probably more grateful than the one you had or you may even receive other rewards.
Those of you in this fix, try it out! What's there to lose?
Cheers all and as usual, comments please!

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Anonymous said...

If ladyboy con you or cheat you anyway, just f#%* them off. So many to choose, no point to argue waste time.