21 February 2011

Ladyboy Boyfriends and Boyfriends

I received this comment - Interesting commentary. However, I have dated a few P4P girls and they have a lot more problems than you mention. ALL of them are desperately poor and are usually the sole provider for their parents and siblings. So it's very easy for them to accept a bf with all his faults... but very hard for the man to accept that her attraction to him is more than his looks... it is usually that he represents an improvement in her social status and financial capability. Most of the P4P girls would prefer to get out of that business as soon as possible.

This is what I contend. This would apply to Thai and also to a certain extent Malaysian ladyboys.
Yes, the ladyboys are poor but that is relative to a developed country. 100 Baht can get you 3 meals in Thailand. But the equivalent can barely buy you a burger in a big Western city for example. They're not doing well but relative to Thailand they're actually not in dire straits.
The boyfriends - most Thai and Malaysian ladyboys would like a boyfriend of their own race and age group - easy communication, easier to understand their culture and likes and dislikes. Money is actually secondary. They are many cases where the ladyboy pays for the boyfriend's mobile phone, clothes, food, watch etc. to "secure" her catch.
The secondary boyfriends are the customers whom they call boyfriends. In many cases, there are sometimes more than one. But of course, they are told they are told they are the one and only and that they don't like men of their own race.
However, there is a complication - there are exceptions to this. There are actually some ladyboys who have one and only one boyfriend. These tend to be the older ladyboys in their thirties who've seen the folly of their ways or realise boys of their race don't like old ladyboys (whichever way you want to look at it.) Or, they do so for the sake of morals. (Yes, it does exist, believe it or not).
I believe, in an ideal world, most ladyboys would want out - again taking the frank, cynical view, I contend it's because of their age and the realisation that they can't continue in this business forever. Hormones can only do so much for beauty.As for the younger ladyboys there are a few which aspire to other careers usually centred around the arts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brother Dick Rick, thanks for this insightful blog about ladyboys. It’s challenging enough to accept a ladyboy for the profession, it’s also very hard to maintain a relationship when they have to constantly traveling around to work. There is no guarantee that they may every return or remain faithful after they have left for another country. Are there cases where ladyboys will frequently return to certain country because of their boy friend?

Dick Rick said...

Basically ladyboys are human. In exchange for securing their future, the mature ladyboys (above 30 usually) are more than happy to follow their partners back to his home country.
Most would have enough of "working on the line" and would sacrifice part of the money they usually make for a secure future.