02 February 2011

Ladyboy Dilemma - Single or a Couple?

Leo en ladyboy
It’s always at the back of the mind of a ladyboy. To stay single or be a couple.

To the newbie, yes, they’re like regular girls...they need love too.

Buttt....it’s a little complicated. The thing is, part of them are still guys, so there is this natural need to go out and look for a partner or sometimes partners. Unlike real girls whose urges are not as strong as males. So in a relationship, things can be tricky if the male hormones start acting up.

The more complicated thing is if the ladyboy is in the P4P profession. That needs really strong love and understanding from the guy if the relationship is to last.
It’s very difficult for the ladyboy. She needs to earn big bucks as expenses are very high, hormones, clothing, accessories; even more than for girls. If you add in money for family, you’re looking at really heavy expenses.
So unless her sweetheart can support her, at least halfway I would think, she would have to depend on a P4P job. Very, very rarely are ladyboys able to get jobs that can pay that much; discrimination is the main culprit.

Generally, relationships don’t last - maybe it’s the odd hours ladyboys keep, maybe it’s because of unrealistic expectations, maybe it’s family/peer pressure from the guy’s side, there’s so many reasons on top of those “normal” couples face. They have been exceptions but they’re seldom seen.
So, it would seem that they don’t have much of a choice. A bit sad as I’ve seen a few ladyboys so desperate for a relationship that they “buy” it with gifts, sex and money.

For the ladyboy who is single - take heart, at least you have your independence and freedom to do as you wish and go anywhere you please.

Cheers all.

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