18 February 2011

Ladyboys and boyfriends

In the space of a week, three ladyboys of different nationalities said they were looking for a relationship. All three are good lookers. One could even qualify as a model. So what's their problem? Shouldn't be difficult should it?
Well...there's a small problem - they're in the P4P line; which makes things...challenging.
The straitforward fact is that for a guy to accept a girl as his girlfriend who makes love to other men, albeit as their way of making a living, is hard to accept. Even if they accept it at first, it normally gets in the way at some point.
So the ladyboy has quite a hurdle to overcome. Even when they do succeed, the relationship doesn't seem to last. It's very sad, as many that I know are good human beings and don't deserve that.
However, my 2 cents of opinion says there are ways the ladyboy can help a relationship.
1. Don't be so damn fussy. If the guy doesn't look like a movie star or isn't as young as you are what's the problem? Wouldn't you rather somebody that really goes out of his way for you, treats you with respect and doesn't mess around with other ladyboys be a better deal?
2. Treat him with respect- if you're with him give him your attention. Get your eyes off other guys! How can you be so rude? After the guy leaves then look and smile till your eyes and mouth fall out!
3. If he calls, messages,contacts you - answer soon Don't give the impression that you're not bothered - he'll just look for somebody else! There are so many other ladyboys (and girls) to choose from.
4. Remember - you're in the P4P line You have to behave better than those that are are not.
5. Lastly - If it doesn't work out It's not the end of the world. Being single as it's advantages too! On the other hand, somebody could just pop up when you least expect! You never know!

Comments please - guys, ladyboys, whoever!


bigbry said...

Interesting commentary. However, I have dated a few P4P girls and they have a lot more problems than you mention. ALL of them are desperately poor and are usually the sole provider for their parents and siblings. So it's very easy for them to accept a bf with all his faults... but very hard for the man to accept that her attraction to him is more than his looks... it is usually that he represents an improvement in her social status and financial capability. Most of the P4P girls would prefer to get out of that business as soon as possible.

I'd appreciate more comentary on this issue from you.

Dick Rick said...

My answer in the next post. This is interesting.

Anonymous said...

the BKKladyboy forums is a great source of info for this topic. Many first-hand experiences there. As for me, I can only stand back and admire the courage of these men (including bigbry) to cast aside societal norms and have relationships with them. I wish I had the balls!

- capcrunch