19 March 2011

Two Hundred!

Amazing! The previous post was my 200th! Never did I imagine when I first started this blog, on the 24th of September 2007, that I would reach this far.
It first started out as a place where guys could get information about P4P ladyboys. What they were, where they did their trade, how much they charged, what kind of service you got and so on. Later I realised I had to also include some stuff for ladyboys, some people in relationships and of course - something very important to me - ladyboys that succeeded outside prostitution.
I must thank all my friends, both guys and ladyboys for the information they gave me whilst chatting in person, via messages, e-mail and comments from this blog. I wouldn't have reached 156,000 hits from 171 different countries in less than 4 years.
I have just a few messages -
To Thai ladyboys - be more open, so often I've been left bewildered by your actions. Learn to come out of your shell and for goodness sake, try and learn more English - it'll make life so much easier.
To Malaysian ladyboys - learn more English too, you're better than the Thais here but you can learn lots from the service they give.
To Singapore ladyboys - you've got it all, get out of the country, learn something from some of your Malaysian and Thai sisters to be more adventurous.
To the guys - read more! Look around more! A lot of information can be found by reading blogs, forums etc.
Lastly, over the years many people did not like the way I wrote my blog. It was too frank, too open. Well sorry if I offended anybody. I may have lost some friends on facebook this way but many of us need a reality check.
Anyway, thanks all, once again and I hope you've been informed and maybe entertained by this small blog. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

congrats brother! you are a veritable trove of information for the beginning LB lover :) I don't know where my life will take me, but your choice of route is a very brave one that I envy!

Sounds like cause for a beer soon :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, brother Dick Rick!

The longevity of your work and the frequency of your readers hits indicate that you are doing things right.

You can't please all the people all the time. As far as I am concerned, and I have been following your exploits for the past three years, I take my hat off to you.

Thank you for what you do and for giving guys like us a place to sit and watch the world go by, and occasionally get on the merry-go-around for the ride!


Bigbry said...

Hey buddy! what about stuff for Philipino (Pinay) Ladyboys? It seems that they are found overwhelmingly in the P4P sites. I have seen you post a few posts, but if I could make a request for the next 200 posts, it would be to say more about the increadibly beautiful pinay ladyboys. My favorites.

Stinger1 said...

Congrats Dick Rick. Your blog is always thoughtful and insightful. I only hope that more guys and LB's read and take head of your wise words.

Stinger 1

Gloves said...

Many thanks Dick Rick - I have learnt a lot from this blog and your posts on Sammy Boy Forum.