05 March 2011

Why ladyboys?

Why ladyboys indeed? Basically ladyboys are males that feel that they are females trapped in a male's body. Society in general, even in Thailand where they are common, has a difficulty in understanding them because they fall into neither of the two recognised sexes.So the ladyboy does what she can to imitate the female form through their attire, surgical enhancements for their breasts, buttocks, hips, face and of course the final act: the vargina.This, of course, costs a lot of money, something like US$10,000 in total is usual. The unfortunate part is that becuase of their unusual sex they are discrimated and usually resort to selling their bodies to get the female form.
On average, if you were to compare having sex with ten genetic girls and ten ladyboys, something like seven ladyboys would provide better sex. Why? In spite of their hormone intake, there is still a little of the male's eagerness for sex in the ladyboy. On top of that, they realise that they have to compete with real females and are willing to put in extra effort in satisfying a customer. Lastly, since they are still male (to a point) they understand another male's sexual needs better than a female can. This can be verified by any true blue ladyboy lover.There is also an added attraction for some ladyboy lovers - the fact that sex is anal (for ladyboys before the operation) and this is usually a tighter fit and gives more pleasure.
The last bit is perhaps more controversial for "straight" minded people. Pre-operation ladyboys still have their penis and also able to "give" as well as "take". Providing anal pleasure to a customer seems to be growing in popularity and adds to the services ladyboys can provide.The big argument is whether it's "gay".
To some ladyboy lovers, they couldn't give a hoot.
Cheers all and have a great week ahead.


Anonymous said...

Why ladyboys?

Without meaning any disrespect, it's because they are "easy".

If a guy is horny and he approaches a ladyboy, the answer is never a "no".

If he approaches a girl, he will get a 101 ways of being told "no".

Ladyboys, as has been described, are basically guys. And guys being guys, they are always horny. They want it and need it. Just as much as us guys.

Ladyboys with their make-up are usually very easy on the eye. They are certainly very attractive. And their seductive "handling" of their prey (poor guys) ... a coy look, a half smile, pouting lips, a soft brush of their skin against yours, a whiff of their perfume ... which guy can resist all that?

Ladyboys are also great sex partners, hence easy to be in bed with. They will do whatever pleases the guy. And what they do, they do with a definite gusto, with an enthusiastic hunger and a passionate desire.

Their performance is so sexually sensual and addictive which makes us want to go back for more!

To those who have not tried ladyboys ... you don't know what you are missing!

To those who have ... I can see you're smiling!

ts dating said...

Very insightful post about a positive way to look at LBs