24 April 2011

Bumrungrad hospital

Yes, you're seeing right - this is a post about a hospital! This is no ordinary hospital, it features 554 beds, 33 specialty centers, and more than 1,000 doctors representing virtually all specialties and sub specialties of medicine.
And yes you guess right - this is the best place where ladyboys from all over the world come for breast and SRS (sex change) surgery.
This place is one of the reasons why the ladyboys that you see today are as beautiful and functional as they are.
Incidentally, the hospital is also very famous for it's low cost but high quality hospital care. So if you need any surgery done and want to stay in hotel type accomodation and have a holiday at the same time - this is it.


Anonymous said...

Years ago, the preminent sex change specialist in this part of the world was a professor here at KK. He was reputed to be the best and even the Thais came here to their op. However, for whatever the reasons, the unit was closed down and Singapore stopped offering this procedure.

Also years ago, there was a all-ladyboy hostess nightclub at Kallang, which either got closed down or got closed down because of the lack of business.

I was just wondering if both were still around today, whether they could give Bumrungrad and Tiffany's a run for their money.

And provide jobs for Singaporeans!

Dick Rick said...

Yes, that's right he was a Prof Ratnam who passed on some years ago. In spite of this I don't think he could compete with Bumrungrad with it's very modern and very large facilties as well as the large number of surgeons.
By the way, Temasak Holdings has a share in this hospital.
The hostess nightclub at Kallang was, I think, before the internet was well developed and couldn't leverage on it. If it existed today it would probably give Crazy Horse and Club Romeo a run for their money.
There was an attempt to have a Tiffany's style show at Sentosa some years ago but it died out.

Anonymous said...

There is a MTF Hospital in BKK too ... MTF, yes MTF = Male to Female Hospital and its the name of the hospital, MTF.

Mr Brightside

bigbry said...

I have been thinking that I'd like to get a job at this hospital as a Healthcare Administration business major. But I'm not sure how likely they will hire a 4NR there.

Rick, thanks for posting this vid for us.