07 April 2011

Medical check ups

Do ladyboys go for check ups? It's a common question - but usually an answer is not forthright. But in the interest of at least saving a life - I will answer it.
The answer is usually NO. Sorry, if I've ruined somebody's business, but that's the truth.
Ladyboys throughout South East Asia are not obliged by any law to go for check ups and hence the risk of contacting HIV or other STDs are very high.
The only ones that I know go for check ups are the post op ladyboys that operate in Singapore's designated red light areas of Petain Road and the alley between Rowell/Desker Road. There are some lounge owners in Thailand that insist their ladyboy employees go for check ups like the Cocktails and Dreams lounge in Phuket. Also, to be fair, there are some sensible ladyboys that insist on condoms being used.
However, these instances are few and far between.
So, in short, put it on! Yes, the feeling isn't as good but the anguish and painful death that accompanies some STDs don't make it worthwhile.
Cheers all, play safe.

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