14 May 2011

Thinking about ladyboys

Sometimes, it pays to sit down and think carefully - about ladyboys.
Just the other day, I got a very nice surprise - I was given a gift by a ladyboy who just came back from a holiday. She said it was because I basically was a nice guy. Mind you, I was not a big customer to this person but is instead, a friend.
But that got me thinking - thinking of other ladyboys that I helped and in much bigger ways and the little or no gratitude that was given to me. What an idiot I was! How could I have been so blind! And in one case for so long!
So the thing I want to share here is - don't be blind. Ladyboys come in all shapes of characters - you need to sit down and carefully look over the things that happened in your friendship or relationship. Yes, by all means, give them the benefit of the doubt, but don't overdo it! If it's a one sided thing, just leave...quietly.
Cheers all.

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fierydragon said...

Just like everyone else, it takes all sorts...