19 June 2011

Taking the Leap

Yes, the Leap. I mean making friends with a ladyboy. It's an interesting concept that's worth exploring and not frightening as some might think.
Many years ago, I started off by making use of their "services" but slowly I realised I knew a few and starting having longer and longer conversations with them. The few became many and now this could well be a hundred. So what happened?
I find their stories fascinating - funny, sad and sometimes amazing. The fact that they're "mixed" gendered means they can look at a situation from both sides. On the feminine side they're pre-occupied with the latest perfume or fall head over heels with a famous singer or movie star. On the masculine side they're more decisive when shopping - they usually know what they want and go straight for it.
Then you add on the fact that they're generally treated as "abnormal" by society and that's when the sad side kicks in.
And yes the funny side, aside from the usual jokes, some throw in their "work" experiences which always adds spice.
And there's more - they make for very loyal friends that will support you if you're down. And I could go on and on...
But I did make a mistake, sadly, by thinking I could go all the way with one only to discover some four months ago that it was all a charade. So go ahead and make friends with them, you'll enjoy the ride, but just remember when to get off.
Cheers all.


Anonymous said...

Bro, sorry to hear about that. I believe I know who you're referring to. I wish it could have gone well for you, having had the courage to take the plunge (or the leap). May better things lie ahead for you :)

- capcrunch

bigbry said...

How do you know when to "get off the ride"? I want to take the plunge with my gf but what exactly are the signs that it's a bad move?