28 June 2011

When to Leave your LB girlfriend

In response to my post, one of my readers asked a question - How I do know when to get off the ride? In other words, when to leave your ladyboy gf.
Well, if for example, you send your gf money every now and then. Suddenly you hit bad times and can't send her money. If she gets really upset and doesn't want to talk to you then clearly that's the time to forget her. People like that think that money grows on trees and do not deserve your love. Clearly she just wanted your money and doesn't care for you.
Another instance of the relationship getting bad is when say, you message them by phone, facebook, whatever - you either don't get a reply or it's like days later. A bad sign and if it keeps up forget it and move on.
There are so many other signs too.
Basically, what I think is this - if the other person doesn't show any interest in contacting you, or says just a few words, in this day and age when mobile phone charges are so low, you can safely say their interest in you is on the way down.
The important thing is, don't get upset or think of getting even - their turn will come - sooner or later. Other opportunities, in my opinion, will come your way.

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