09 July 2011

Ladyboys of Nana Plaza

Bangkok  - There's no more convenient place in the world to see ladyboys. With an International airport with connections to major cities in the world, this is the place to appreciate ladyboys. One famous spot in Bangkok is Nana Entertainment Plaza or Nana Plaza for short. With four ladyboy bars and lots of ladyboys hanging around after midnight on the ground level, it'll be difficult not to pick one.
In the video is a clip from Temptations, which is on the second level of Nana Plaza.


liisawinklergirl said...

After having seen the videos I can now say that the chasm between Thai and Filipino ladyboys in terms of femininity, and beauty have gotten smaller and smaller. I know that most of the Thais working in the bars take minimal amounts of hormones because their customers expect them to be FUNCTIONAL. Same as Filipino working TSgirls. the Filipinos are obviously naturally beautiful and most of us are starting out younger and younger... who knows with many people now aware of the devastation the Catholic religion has wreaked on the many practical aspects of the Filipino social existence, more and more ladyboys will be more open towards transitioning earlier....we are headed for Asian domination!!!

great blog...missing you...sorry i been a bitch :)

SALMA aka the winklergirl

Stuart said...

absolutely jaw-dropping. do you know of a similar joint in KL?