04 August 2011

Love Cannot Eat

3 simple words - uttered by a Thai ladyboy probably sums up the character of the visiting ladyboys to Singapore. I was chatting with a ladyboy friend one evening and she was sharing some of her experiences. She was recounting how one customer gave her a large sum of money in return for a much longer than usual "long time".*
She described how this customer asked for her services on another occasion but said he could only pay much less this time around, perhaps thinking there was a chemistry and fondness so this ladyboy would agree for much less than normal. So, in her own simple way, she explained to me "Love cannot eat" and translated as "Love is no point, where's the money to eat?"
I suppose it's a very stark reminder to us as customers that the ladyboy's primary purpose in coming here, or to any more developed country, is that they need to earn a living. Now, to be fair, they're in a bit of a dilemma  - if they give the impression that they don't like us by way of a sub standard service, we won't take them again or worse, we may resort to writing in some forum of our bad experience which could spell lean times for the ladyboy.
On the other hand, if they go too strong in the hope of repeat business, the customer gets the impression that they're in love with them!
So, it's a tricky thing! They've got to balance it out.
But, if the ladyboy is the one to say the more famous 3 simple words, I love you, to the customer, then it's only natural that the customer gets the wrong impression and they've got themselves to blame!
So, there you go folks - another episode of our favourite people - forever intriguing !

*Long time is usually an overnight stay and would cost between S$300 to sometimes S$500. See the converter on your right for your currency.


Anonymous said...

Bro Dick Rick, you are absolutely spot on!

In all my years of doing business with ladyboys, I have never had any unpleasant experience with any of them, be it here, be it in Thailand, or be it anywhere in the world.

I am not rich by any means, but I am also not a cheap charlie.

If the ladyboy quotes a price, and if I feel it is fair and reasonable, I will accept it. Because I don't bargain, I find that their attitude is softened and they provide me with great service and a girl-friend experience. Well worth what I pay.

Many times when I feel the price is not acceptable to me, I say so politely, but I do not counter offer her quoting price. The ladyboy herself then usually brings the price down to a level where I can accept and we close the deal.

This m.o. has served me well all the years I have been "chonging".

I have learnt that if I respect the ladyboy, I will get her respect in return. To me, the respect starts with the price. The service comes later.

And yes, the emotions come after that! Many times!

Nevertheless, what saddens me most is that a lot of ladyboys dislike Singaporean men. They think we are horny cheapskates and always want to bargain the price down. They reckon that the Koreans and the Japanese are better paymasters, which is why the ladyboys go for them. Have you encountered such similar sentiments?

Let me in closing also admit that paying more does not always mean buying the best.

I was so keen to bed the "star" of a show in Bangkok. She looked so ravishing and so desirable! She wanted 20,000 TB. Being young and foolish, I agreed to her price without hesitation. That remains the biggest mistake of my life. The packaging was the best part. The filling was a disappointment. The act was even worse.

In a sense, it was an unforgettable experience! But such is life!

Anonymous said...

i also agree with u dick rick & the above commenter, i'm from malaysia btw.. the key is respecting other people, everybody has their own price & just have to respect it, just take it or leave it. i really like to know more about the person itself not just for sex only, it makes sex more affectionate, fun & enjoyable & u always come back for the LBs who have chemistry with u + reasonable price rite.. indeed some LBs have a rushed service kind of attitude, some wants more than the agreed fee, some even does not go for local men (even look down on them).. some mock local men giving low price fees, this stigma is kept in their minds including nice gentleman like me who's unfortunately not the richest man.... i understand locals cannot fight with overseas fees + with their higher rate of exchange, but it is saddening with arrogant attitude of some people.. not all locals are bad, not all non-locals are gentlemen

liisawinklergirl said...

the best shemale escorts will provide an experience where you feel wanted, where you feel desired but not to an extent where you feel you are falling in love...

I suppose in many of my writings i have expressed that sometimes we need to give a little bit of heart to make someone feel wanted but by and by I have learned to find the balance between becoming friends and sex-mates AND becoming intimate to a point where emotions run amock. Difficult but not impossible..

This is the very reason why escorts are always a level up above prostitutes. Prostitutes are easy lays who can manipulate feelings but not keep a man Interested, the best escorts can manipulate in such a way that a man is hooked and kept curious, peeling layer after layer after layer and BARELY but never succumbing to his emotions...

Don't remember this factor too. Men are wired individually and distinctly. How a man handles himself in front of working girls is case-case-basis! Different strokes for different folks!!!