25 August 2011

Orchard Road Pickings

Orchard Road is Singapore's busiest shopping street. One end of Orchard Road, in the vicinity of the Hilton Hotel, is where you would find a decent selection of upper end ladyboys. They operate mainly around an oldish building called Orchard Towers in 2 bars - Crazy Horse on the fourth level and Club Romeo on the third level.

In the former you could see about a dozen and in the latter about eighteen. These Thai ladyboys start coming in from about 9pm and the idea is, you buy them a drink at either bar and negotiate your price over a drink or two. Incidentally these cost S$18 in Crazy Horse and now $30 in Club Romeo.
They would charge S$200 on average depending on your needs, their mood or what they think they're worth. (Room and taxi not included, usually S$30 for 2 hours plus S$10 for taxi if required)

Your other option would be to come around midnight where free lance ladyboys from Singapore, the Philippines and sometimes even Cambodia or some claim Vietnam would appear. They would strut their stuff on the ground level of Orchard Towers right up to outside a department store called Isetan. Here asking prices are usually more flexible although S$200 seems to be the favourite asking price as well as the room and taxi.

Prices cannot be compared to Bangkok, for example, due to the relatively small number managing to get through Singapore immigration. Generally it's a wise idea to include your preferences whilst negotiating price. Cheers all.

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Anonymous said...

-Your mileage might vary- but from my point of view, these ST prices mentioned are mostly the prices for business travellers and on weekends.

IMHO, prices are highly dependent on your attitude and if they know, you live in Singapore, they call up other rates. I am a nightowl, so prices are usually already dropping, when I go partying. Sunday to Thursday I normally pay only 200-250 SGD in CrazyHorse and Romeo till next morning.

I also had for some time a Filipina "gurlfriend", who did her buiness from a nice hotel near Bras Basah with ViceSisters and other online ads (according to her mostly 300 ST with caucasians, ROFL) and came to me always after 12am to stay with me for the night - never more than 200 SGD.