10 September 2011

Gentlemen's Agreement in the Bars

The bars are probably the last place you would expect to come across a gentlemen's agreement.
Nevertheless, for some twenty odd years my close friends and I have such an arrangement. Say a friend and I were to go to a bar. We would end up with a girl (or ladyboy) each at some point. We would then go our ways with our partner. However, here's where some people get confused - in future, if we ever went back to the same bar we would never pick each other's girl!
We would normally pick the same girl the first time around or somebody different but never the friend's girl! The only time my friend or I would pick each other's companion would be if we stated outright that we didn't want that girl for whatever reason and then she was put on the available list. (Even then we still wouldn't take her because she probably wasn't that good in the sack!)
So it may be a strange thing amongst some of you but for us it worked out because we never wanted to have a misunderstanding amongst ourselves. What if my friend had taken a liking for his girl and started some relationship going? If somebody else "cut in" wouldn't he be upset?
So there you go! What do you think? Are we a crazy, sentimental bunch of idiots who shouldn't be bothered because it's an open market? I would love to hear what the ladyboys think!

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Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right! I believe amongst us mates there is already an unwritten rule where no Bro will "steal" another Bro's lady or ladyboy! Especially if there are "special feelings" involved.

Of course if there isn't any such "special feelings" then it is for the Bro who is interested to get "clearance" from his Bro, and then the lady or ladyboy will be fair game.

As a cheongster, after I am done with my sex partner, whether paid or otherwise, I would willingly allow my friend to "cut in", with my knowledge and approval. My reasoning is that if my friend don't take her, somebody else will anyway.

Naturally, if there are "special feelings", then I will say so, and as a friend, my Bro will respect that and stay away. The reverse is also true. I will also not "try" for someone whom my Bro has "special feelings" for.

I have had the pleasure of "taking over" my Bros' ladies and ladyboys on numerous occasions, always with their knowledge and understanding. And vice versa. Although it is not an intentional plan to swap, but it probably amounts to that, in some cases.

However, it must be noted that ladies are more reluctant to want to particpate in a "cut in", as you put it. They are more shy and reluctant.

On the other hand, ladyboys have no qualms and are more willing and available. On occasions, it is the ladyboy who makes the first move offering a "take over"!

I have been fortunate as I have had many good experiences with ladyboys who had been with my Bros before, although my Bros did not necessarily have made a recommendation for me to "take over". It is the chemistry, I guess.

The net bottomline really is respect for a friend and not doing anything behind his back.