06 September 2011

Monks try and change ladyboys

Thailand has probably the largest number of ladyboys in the world as a percentage of its population. Although generally tolerated and treated as a third sex in Thailand, there are some parents that think their female leaning sons can become real men. Hence, the need for this temple to try and do what must seem the impossible - to try and change a ladyboy back to being a male. What do you think? Can a ladyboy go back to being a male, especially during their teen years? Due to the restrictions you have to click on the link to watch the video on the YouTube page. Sorry about that.


Anonymous said...

I've read that even psychologists are not unanimous on this subject.

Personally, I feel that latent transexual tenedencies cannot be suppressed.

Of course, it depends on each individual case. If the individual is not committed or determined, then "correction" classes may succeed.

But where the feelings lie deep in other individuals, it would be well nigh impossible to change what nature has bestowed.

Two examples:

I had a classmate in secondary school who was effeminate. We would kiss passionately in the school toilet and I would have my way with him. I was having fun. But I knew the tendency ran deep in him. However, he suppressed his tendencies and became "normal".

Later on, we lost touch and he got married and had children. But when we met again after many years, we hit on each other again. He was still soft and effeminate. He cross-dressed for me whenever we met, and as before, I would have my way with him.

He left his family and became promiscuous with many lovers.

In another case, a colleague at work was a closet queen. He admitted he wanted to be a woman, but felt that life had passed him by and at 40, it was too late for him to "come out".

But "come out" he did! At 43, he left his wife and three children and started cross-dressing and lived life as a woman. Happily!

Last I heard, he has a macho, hung 25 year-old boyfriend.

I believe that if the individual is true to himself, supression is not permanent.

liisawinklergirl said...

the spiritual approach towards converting wannabe transsexuals into real men never works. Transsexualism stems from within. I believe if they want to retain their being transsexual, come hell or high water they will do so. And some do revert back to being men after having immersed in transsexualism for a long time because in the end they were really just men who felt they wanted to be women for a certain period of time but experienced an inner catharsis to make them revert back....

Anonymous said...

Should you really try to change something? Let nature take its course and go with the flow I say :)