23 October 2011

Butch Lesbians and Ladyboys 2

Okay guys, I've had 3 comments for the previous post.
Let me just clarify something - ladyboy lovers like myself see ladyboys as being girls albeit with a slight imperfection. So something like girls who are maybe really plump, or talk with a lisp or something. So we see ourselves as straight - because it's the feminine beauty that we're attracted to but yet open minded to a degree.
Now, what complicates is that some among us like to be penetrated by a pre-op ladyboy so that takes on a whole new dimension in our opinion. But in spite of that, very few amongst us would make love to a man who is totally masculine.
So, thinking about it, therefore somebody like myself would feel confused just as a normal guy would be hesitant to make any headway with a girl who is known to be a lesbian.
Jim, one of those that commented, said, "there are some Ladyboys who have the same issues that many of us have and that is bisexual feelings". Yes, I would agree with that, but then, especially if you're thinking of some kind of relationship with a ladyboy or girl for that matter - you feel a bit odd and unsure which way she really wants to go. Just as any straight female would feel odd about going with a guy who likes ladyboys.
Coming back to the ladyboy in the first story, and using that argument and if she intends looking for a male partner, she could well have a problem unless deep down she really likes butch lesbians! In the end how do you have it both ways?

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vioscios said...

Yeah, from the lb point of view I think it was just for the money. Out of kink I sometimes ask "you like girl?, only boy?" about a third say both.

I think it may be more than a few of us who like, at least, the fem boys if not the bodybuilder type. I would go to Krazy Dragon as much as gg bars.