13 October 2011

Butch Lesbians and Ladyboys

a. and j. are butch lesbians (and have crotches)
Butch lesbians are, of course, lesbians that see themselves as masculine and seek out feminine lesbians as partners.
But what happens when you see a butch lesbian with a ladyboy?
Now, that in my opinion, is really something else. I came across this in a ladyboy bar in Singapore.
According to some friends, there seems to be a relationship going down between this plumpish looking butch and a very attractive feminine looking ladyboy.
Coincidentally I know the ladyboy and enjoyed her company. However now that this dawns on me, I found myself unconsciously moving away from the ladyboy and even avoiding talking to her.
I can't explain this - am I being unfair? Is the ladyboy doing this purely for money? Hmmm..can't make up my mind about this. Opinions please!


Anonymous said...

As "straight" guys who like lbs we sort of draw the line at some point. Ya looks kinda weird to see butches with lbs. Guess the lb must be desperate.

Anonymous said...

I am also confused!

Here's another confusion : I saw dedicated butch lesbians at male host clubs being "attended" to by guys while their female partners pout and peeve in jealousy!

I don't get it! Can someone help clarify for me?

Jim said...

I think that there are some Ladyboys who have the same issues that many of us have and that is bisexual feelings.

I have had a girl friend who looked prettier than any other woman I ever dated but under her her pantyhose had surprise package they would have been shocked to see.

I think your friend just like many other of us in this world might swing both ways.

and if you like lady boys Mr Anonymous you can't call yourself totally straight anymore.

Assuming you also like women.

you have joined us in the category of bi.