14 February 2012

Ladydrinks and how some ladyboys think

If you happen to be in Club Romeo at Orchard Towers and wanted to buy a ladyboy a drink, the picture on the left is what you would get for thirty Singapore dollars. (about US$24)- White wine served in a plastic flute glass. The draft beer was seven Singapore dollars. (S$12 after happy hours). The company, the main thing you guys would want to know, was warm initially but cold towards the end. I couldn't understand that attitude. So basically that's the last time I buy her a drink. (And I do know her reasonably well incidentally)
I have no time for people like that and neither should you, be the customer, entertain people like that. Go buy somebody else a drink or go upstairs to Crazy Horse - the drinks are much cheaper and overall the people, ladyboys, girls and the staff are friendlier.

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Anonymous said...

that's what i've come to realise too... the girls in romeo are quite mercenary. tough luck for you bro, some friends are not meant to be kept!

- capcrunch