03 March 2012

Ladyboy stabs Lover

One of Singapore's tabloid newspapers reported a tragic case - A 23 year old Filipino ladyboy had stabbed her 46 year old Australian lover.
He was injured to such an extent that he was on life support for 2 days: he was wounded on his left chest, left arm, face, and left eye. The reason he was stabbed was that he changed his relationship status, with the ladyboy,on facebook from engaged to single.
Why he did it is yet unclear but what is clear is that the ladyboy took deadly serious action to stab somebody I assume she loved. The rage that must have been in her had to be immense. Perhaps she sacrificed other relationships, perhaps her source of income (I assume she was a working girl). Details will only be known when she appears in court.
The reaction from some local ladyboys was that the man deserved it as many men they experienced took relationships casually and were selfish. Some men experienced surprise - "What's the problem? It was only on facebook!".
Yes, facebook! For many ladyboys, facebook is an important part of their life. On average, ladyboys I know have around three hundred friends on average and those that have a relationship, are seen to be the lucky ones and are the envy of their less fortunate friends. So to lose your partner and on top of it to let all your friends (and enemies) know is a double whammy.
So do be careful, relationships can be taken seriously.
Incidentally, the story was carried over four days as follows:
27th Feb - http://www.tnp.sg/content/she-was-covered-blood-head-toe
28th Feb - http://www.tnp.sg/content/condo-stabbing-victim-said-be-top-bank-exec
29th Feb - http://www.tnp.sg/content/stabbed-eye
1st March - http://www.tnp.sg/content/transvestite-charged-while-hospital


bigbry said...

Sometimes double standard? I won't say names, but i have a friend who's filipina gf (lb) asked him to delete all his other "friends" on facebook. So possibly, once you enter a relationship with a filipna you are not allowed to use those social platforms and freedoms you used to have.

Anonymous said...

I assume she loved. and "once you enter a relationship with a filipna you are not allowed to use those social platforms and freedoms you used to have"
1) i assumed filipino ladyboys are too afraid to loose their winning lotery ticket
2) i used to have pinay GF(girls) on DIA they never asked me to delete my profile or not allowed me to go on the site..You re free to do what you want don t let anybody taking the control of your life..