16 May 2012

Indonesian Ladyboys

A sample of the type of ladyboys you would encounter in Indonesia, mainly in the capital Jakarta and some, I'm told, in Bali.
Generally, they have less of an attitude about them when compared to their sisters in Thailand. The trade off is, in some cases - looks.
They've yet to achieve the level of classiness and also, English is barely spoken amongst them.
There's about 20 of them showing off in the video, ages from 18 to 25.
Wait for the last batch, on average they look the best.
If anybody has information on the Waria, as the ladyboys in Indonesia are known, please do share your info by passing a comment.


Anonymous said...

indonesia ladyboys have the reputation to be thieves in Malaysia.
just read the malaysian newspaper for confirmation.
i used to bonked a lot of them in penang and chowkit before..yes they are less attractive than Thai or ever filipinos.;the service is very low and fast..a waste of time and money.;to take indonesian in malaysia

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Bro! Always enjoy getting entertained and educated.

I was thinking perhaps you could organise, and lead, a "common interest" trip to Bangkok and/or Pattaya to satiate our love for Thai ladyboys.

For one thing, it would be fun to be doing it with like-minded aficionados.

For another thing, it would be safer than going there alone.

How about it?

Anonymous said...

good report
plenty indonesian ladyboy in malaysia too!
yes they speak barely english and they are not playfull..they are not good value ever if they are damened cheap..
Main problem with indonesian ladyboys is their sticky fingers..case of robbery involving indonesian ladyboy in malaysia are too numerous..ever local customer avoid them, so now they claimed to be thai ladyboy without spealing another word than sawasdee khrap