07 July 2017

The long, long waited update

Singapore Ladyboys The ladyboy P for P scene, over the past ten years has not changed much. The locations for this are more or less the same and the prices for the lower end of the market are almost the same.

Rowell Road There are fewer houses to go to now: House no 9 caught fire about a year plus ago, House 31 has only got ground floor occupants now, mostly post op ladyboys. The two remaining houses 65 and 79 are still there - 65 with the Malaysians dressed in Indian attire and 79 with the Thais in more daring modern clothing. It seems more Thais are post-op these days. The operating hours of these houses are still the same - from about 7pm to around midnight. After midnight till about 5am, there are some interesting street walkers, in small numbers, that move around the end of Rowell Road from the Serangoon side as well as near Lembu Road. Prices can be as low as S$20 to S$50 depending on what you want,room sometimes included.

Geylang The ladyboys can be found around Lorong 16, the end closer to Guillemard Road and along Westerhout Road the end closer to Lorong 20. From time to time some post op ladyboys can be found at Lorong 20 near the coffeshop facing Geylang Road.

Changi Village It seems that they all but disappeared in this area except for one or two. If there is any one that has information on Changi please let me know so we can share the latest news.

Orchard Towers Here again, the street walker ladyboys that used to hang out just outside Orchard Towers seem to have disappeared. The two bars, Club Romeo and Crazy Horse still have the mainly Thai ladyboys but they seem more low key.Club Romeo is now located to the left of the escalator just behind the escalator leading to Crazy Horse, by the way.

Those were the face to face locations I mentioned above. The on-line ladyboys are another matter entirely and I will discuss them in a later post. Happy Bonking friends

Latest update New "house" on Rowell Road, number 7 just opened with a couple of ladyboys that look Malaysian.

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